Sunday, September 7, 2008


Hell yeah......look at me yellow. At least they will have to chance to see me coming. I always wanted one. Every man has his toys. This is my new one. I went down to the DR on a surf trip and fell in love with the Honda Super Cub. They were everywhere. Ever since then its been a mission to find one. So this past Sunday I got mine. Drove down to the heavy metal capital of the US...Tampa and picked her up. Thanks to my buddy Mark for rolling with me and bringing his "bargaining boots."

She broke down on the first test drive, but then came around for me. Stop by and I'll give you ride. beep beep


Jennifer said...

aw man, that was awesome. It was a fun trip to say the least. You gotta come with me when I get mine.

Bobby said...

that thing is rad...that is just what i need downtown! Sign me up!