Monday, September 15, 2008


Wow.....where do I begin? There's so much information that we could make a NEWSLETTER.

So, the sets have been wheeled away, the lights shut off and the trash taken out. All that remains on the surf expo floors are beer-stained flyers of unattended parties and a few old souls that were traded for a tasteless slice of stardom. You'd be surprised at what people lose.
Ok, lets lighten up a bit now. Expo is always a good time. Coming face to face with the industry that makes our world go round is nice to do once a year. It marks the beginning of another season. Out with the old and in with the new. Now all those photos on old boards are useless. Ha. I am just going to jump into a highlights list from the weekend. I think that will work best.

-Getting in without having to pay some sort of Surf Expo Fee
-The Standerd Photo Booth. Yes...everyone secretly loves having their picture taken.
-All the free beer.
-Company booth. Justin Stephen's is a BA. Very proud of him.
-Talking to Conrad and realizing how much Gregg is becoming him.
-Sitting in oN the Oakley product preview with Matty Swanson. That dude is good.
-Staying on the same floor as Reed and Jami Lane at the Peabody.
-Sitting at an amazing table during the WBM Wake Awards. Allow me to name drop: My wife, my sister wife/best friend Kristie, Aaron Reed, Jami Lane, Danny Hampson, Ben Horan and his girlfriend Jessica. Thomas was suppose to be there, but......
-WINNING PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR when i did not expect it. Kevco had some really nice things to say about me. Thanks.
-Watching Danny win right after me for Best Video part and give a very moving and emotional acceptance speech.
-Witnessing much love for one another at our table afterwards.
-Hearing Matty Swanson say "Thank you....good night!" at the end of his acceptance speech for Push Process.
-Danny Harf's 1260. Come on man. That was f----- ridiculous.
-Drinking too much Sake at our sushi dinner.
-Tracking Hurricane Reed as it approached central Florida and then carried away by a stalling cold front. Lives were spared and the party stayed alive.
-Showing my uncle Bill around expo for the first time. The sights can be overwhelming. Lets just say that.
-Hearing TJ remind me that WBM "honored me last night".

Well that about does it. I am sure there were more, but thats all this Monday will allow me to recall.

Enjoy some pictures to go with the words....


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Roman said...

that was nice to see you there josh! congrats with award!
what is going on with your email? its being rejected all the time.
why brett didnt come?

hit me up on aol - rusignof