Thursday, August 13, 2009


I've made use of my time here in front the big screen. Like many photographers, I have been battling with a new definition of my photographic style. I know that I have, involuntarily, been developing a look for myself over the past 10 years, but when it comes to picking portfolio shots, it can be a tough decision. Yes, first and foremost, the image has to be good. And not just good to "me", because of some attachment I have to it. More importantly it has to make sense with the other group of images. I struggled for a long time trying to "go after" a particular style. And yes, thats great in attempts to broaden the spectrum. But in the end you truly "ARE WHAT YOU SHOOT." So, I've stood back, examined what I really like to shoot, and how I would instinctively grab one of my many cameras to make a photo. I like simplicity. I like the real moments happening around me and finding a way to capture that as honestly as possible.

I'd like to hear from you. Take a look at the updated site. Tell me what you think. What do you see? There are still many oldie, but goodies on there. But I really honed in to the "ON THE ROAD" gallery. These images make me feel the best. When I look at them, they spark a memory, they look real, subjects look comfortable. Everything I want. And when i think back to taking them, It seemed so natural and simple.

here's the link: JOSH LETCHWORTH

And here are some screen shots.....


Tadd said...


I guess I'll be the first to weigh in on this and is only my opinion. (Take that from someone you have never met in person

I have looked over your shots several times since you posted this update and here is what I have seen. The portraits, both color and b/w, are great. The lifestyle category is a little vague, but just in title only. Looking at the pictures, I know that it has to do with the wake or water sports lifestyle. The On the road set, should be shots of the places you’ve been. There are a few in there that I would classify as portrait work, rather than on the road. In my opinion, this category should be the shots from your travels of the people, places and things you’ve seen. The sports and water categories are great and as an action photographer (though nowhere near your caliber) are my two favorites. The personal project on yoga is cool.

Again, only my opinions. I fully understand where you are coming from in that search for a style and or a direction. Defining ones work is an ever changing process and as you shoot new subjects, you may find your direction changing.

Keep sharing and shooting,

Alija Bos said...

On the road gallery is definitely my favorite as well. Although I agree about removing some of the portraits.

Keep killin it.