Friday, January 15, 2010


Look who's on the home page of FUEL.TV. The kind folk over ther contacted me about doing a photo feature on their website and by golly, Its live. Erik Jernberg, a writer for Fuel, even wrote a nice little essay about me and my history. At one point he even refers to me as the "the dean of wake photography." Yes, by definition, thats a leader or senior member of a group. That sounds special.

Big thanks to Erik and everyone at Fuel for making it happen. The dean is very happy.

Below the link i've posted what I originally sent to Erik to write the article. Its just some one liners, but i think it really sums me up. If you've even wanted the cliff notes on my history, then here they are.


Josh Letchworth
Cancer...indecisive at times, i have a claw when i need to use it, but mostly i'm very friendly and happy.
Central Florida
2 beautiful kids
1 amazing wife
shooting pictures for 15 years, 12 professionally
I like film. 400 tri-x
Went digital around 2004...unwillfully. ugggg
Yes, now i've accepted it and like it.
i have too many cameras.
Favorite one...Nikon FM with a 35mm 1.4
I always have facial hair.
I rebuild old Honda scooters, do a lot of yoga and surfing is my true passion.
I've traveled to over 20 countries with my camera. 9 of those with Aaron Reed.
I like New Zealand the most.
I am biased to shooting wakeskating now. I just enjoy it more.
i am self taught. trial and error.
Most of my gear is dirty.
i have realized that I will always be "fine-tuning" my style. Thats the evolution of art.
I still get really excited when peeling open a polaroid.
My father in law was a professional photographer.
My mom has every year of our lives organized into photo albums.


erikjernberg said...
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erikjernberg said...

THE DEAN! If it sticks, I am claiming it - as having said it first. And it will stick.

Tadd said...

Great article about Dean Letchworth.

Hopefully, I can attend a class taught by such a highly respected professor.

BTW, nice mention of Flagler College too.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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