Friday, March 5, 2010


by the last post was #100. yahhh, it only took me 2 years.

So, its a been a great year so far. I've been busy, traveling a lot, finishing up 2 campaigns in multiple sports. I promise to update some photos and info once I can divulge more about them.

For now, heres a few photos from the Art director on our last shoot in Australia. This was during the scout day. We were jet-lagged as hell but found our way through some really nice spots. Thanks Jesse.

Below that are some shots that I took randomly during the shoot. They could be misfires, tests etc. I'm not really sure, just like them.

this was called Fengal. it was purrrrty.

our room looked out over snappers to kirra.

check out that dip in the lower lip. nice.

lets just say we were mad at the sun by this point. she didn't like to come out for us.

you see, i told ya. many random rain showers. Here our model and makeup artist take cover.

Ian is the lighting guy and the stand in. This shot also reveal our amazing $5 beauty dish setup.

Jesse. Ian took this one while switching cameras for me.



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Tadd said...

Looks like mother nature was being a little bitchy on that trip. I love the creativity of the $5 beauty dish.

As always, thanks for sharing the photos.


What exactly is being used as your beauty diffuser? Diggin the shots too brother, killin it! Love the b&w. Peace!