Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Well, not really, but that song was in my head while editing these photos from our recent Anarchy Eyewear shoot. 'anarchy' is bold word. i was ready for Reed, Silas and Rattray to start breaking stuff and burning down buildings. Not to worry, downtown Sanford is still intact. Yet, it will never be the same. We left our mark...spiritually. And by that I simply mean we brought and left our good vibes.
Thanks to everyone for bringing the good attitudes, unlimited supply of flannels, open minds, pocket full of teamsmenship ( i just made that word up), Ian's muscles, that cool sunglass rep case, and...the after party.
I had Jesse McIver, a photo student at DBCC, out there shadowing for the day. So, thank you for some of these BTS shots. I love/hate seeing myself at work.
Keep an eye out for Anarchy print ads to be hitting mags early next year. Thanks to Scott Sorensen at Anarchy for getting me on the shoot and letting me blah blah blog about it.


Reed likes his Monster hat, but this is me telling him "enough"

Me. Thinking or listening...or not.

Hi Silas.

A photo of a photo of a photo.

Process Evident = a human stand and a little bounce.


KAST said...

Hey Letchy, nice bts stuff (look out Chase Jarvis...) Question, what strobe kit do you prefer?

JLP said...

Thanks Tony...

Yeah, Chase is inspiring with all his social media work. wow.

I use all Profoto stuff. I have always loved the durability and access to great modifiers. And, most all rental houses use that, so its great to be familiar with it. However, I don't like the price. geeeezzz